Nextwave Simplify™ revolutionizes how we used to connect by automatically discover, select and connect to the best network, regardless of mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Built-in with Zero Touch and Eco Surf technologies, Simplify is the most advanced mobile connectivity companion designed to be eco-friendly while providing the ultimate mobile internet experience on smartphones and tablets.

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Discovery & Analytics | Connecting you with IntelligenceSocial Connectivity | New Gesture of ConnectivityZero Touch | Fast . 100% handsfreeEco Surf | Saving the Earth by connecting more efficiently



Zero Touch

Hate switching back and forth between Wi-Fi and mobile data? Forgot to turn Wi-Fi off after use? Simplify does all that for you, 100% handsfree.

Simplify remembers all the best networks at your favourite locations including your home, workplace, café or campus, connects you automatically when you are right there and power off your Wi-Fi radio when you leave, giving you a totally handsfree experience. We call this Zero Touch.

Ring of Act   Eco Surf

Simplify reduces unnecessarily network scan and connect it right at first attempt. Powered by Zero Touch technology, you will spend lesser time on device screen searching for good network, saving more battery power thus requires less charging. This means power efficiency.

Let’s be environmental friendly, even when surfing the web. Save the Earth by connecting more efficiently. Start switching your Eco Surf today!

Discovery & Analytics

Having Connection with Location, are just like Video with Audio. They are our Eyes and Ears.

Discovery presents a list of good networks at your current location. Analytics enhances your connectivity experience by listening to the network quality so Simplify would connect it right for you and avoid poor network connection.

Simplify sees and listens, it connects you with intelligence.




Wi-Fi Exchange

Simplify lets you trade-in your under-utilised Internet bandwidth at home, sharing with others nearby in exchange of Simplify credits and redeem to use others’ Internet service while travelling abroad.

Everyone is an Internet Service Provider. Simplify brings the world’s Wi-Fi Internet to you.



Social Connectivity

Instead of reading or writing out your Wi-Fi security keys, you can now securely send Wi-Fi network settings to your friends via Android Beam™. Also, Simplify lets you set privacy options before sending. Start tapping your phones to share.

Simplify empowers the new gesture of connectivity.




Sharing and Backup

Sharing is caring. Share your Wi-Fi settings on your favorite messaging applications e.g. Gmail, Email or Skype.

Keep forgetting your Wi-Fi security passwords? Now, you can instantly save it to your favourite cloud storage e.g. Google Drive and Dropbox.

Simplify understands your needs in liberating mobile connectivity.


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